Olesoxime is an oral drug whose purpose is to reduce effects of oxidative stress on motor neurons. It was developed by a French patient organisation AFM in partnership with a French company Trophos. It was tested in type 2 and 3 SMA patients during 2011–2014, also in the UK, and the drug appeared to have promising effects. Many of those who were taking it reported increased muscle function and overall stabilisation of their condition.

The olesoxime programme was bought by Roche in 2015 with the purpose of commercialisation. Faced with technology hurdles and more effective compounds being increasingly available, Roche decided to stop olesoxime development in May 2018.

Clinical trials

Since early 2017, those who participated in the original Trophos trial, including a number of people with SMA from the UK, have been receiving olesoxime as a part of OLEOS clinical trial. After the trial’s 2018 closure all the participants have been given an option to transition to the Jewelfish clinical trial.

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